Welcome to Champions' Arena 2022!

The 2022 edition of the Champions' Arena will be held in Stockholm on the 26th and 27th of November. For more information about the Champions' Arena, see below.

Information for athletes and visitors from abroad can be found here:

Information on this website will be updated over time, so make sure to check again in future!

Last update: 2022-09-05.

The LudoSport Champions' Arena

Champions' Arena is LudoSport’s official international tournament – what most comes closer to a world cup of light saber fencing – and has been held since 2016. Most editions of the Champions' Arena took place in Milan, Italy, the birthplace of LudoSport, and once in Madrid, Spain. This year, for the first time, Champions' Arena will be held in Sweden.

The tournament will see 64 participants from many LudoSport countries fight to determine the best in both combat and style.

The countries participating to the Champions' Arena this year will be:

  • Italy (14 athletes)
  • Spain (14 athletes)
  • France (10 athletes)
  • Sweden (7 athletes)
  • United Kingdom (5 athletes)
  • United States (5 athletes)
  • Ireland (2 athletes)
  • The Netherlands (2 athletes)

These athletes will be joined by the best 4 athletes from the previous Champions’s Arena (in Madrid) plus one additional participant selected by the Society of LudoSport Masters.

Information for the Public

The tournament will be held held on Saturday 26th (during the entire day, starting from 9:00) and Sunday 27th (until 14:00) of November. It will take place in Skärholmshallen.

The entry is free for everyone but we reserve the right to give priority to Ludosporters if the hall’s occupancy limit is reached.


For information about the Champions' Arena or to contact the organization, write to ca@ludosport.se.

If you are available to help out as staff on the days of the tournament, please fill in the staff sign-up form. We ask you to have some familiarity with LudoSport (e.g. you or a friend/family are a current or former member) in order to sign up.